3 days to change
your business forever.

External night view of EXPO São Paulo.
January 18th, 19th and 20th
3 days full of content, insights and motivation to transform your business.
EXPO São Paulo
1.5 Rod. Of Immigrants - Vila Água Funda, Sao Paulo - SP, 04329-900
> 10 minutes from Congonhas Airport
> Bus 605A / 10 and Jabaquara subway
The question is:

Are you prepared?

Imagine what the world would be like today if it weren't for the crazy ones. Those who broke the pattern, who defied the pattern of their times and brought their worldview to the rest of humanity. Those who started a movement, a cause ... And that's why they changed history.

People like that were on Factor X Live 2018. Watch the next video and feel a taste of what was the FXL 2018 and what was the impact on thousands of trades around Brazil.

FACTOR X LIVE 2018 had:

What awaits you on FXL 2019

We are honored to invite you to Factor X Live 2019, which will be themed "Lead a Movement." We spend all year preparing every detail of an incredible, profound and transformative experience to help you create a movement in your market that cannot be ignored or prevented.

You will learn strategies, tools and techniques that will propel you to discover the “X Factor” of your business / product, starting a true revolution in your market and taking your business to a level never before reached.






Who is the event for?

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how to subscribe

The new edition of Factor X Live

Watch the video below and see how to participate in Factor X Live 2019:


Who will be the speakers?

As is already a tradition, we do not disclose the list of speakers. We have invited some of the world's greatest references and inspirations to attend the event, but this has to be a surprise. Our event is unlike any other, starting with the incredible surprises you will have when you arrive on the first day and find out who will be the stars.

18 confirmed speakers

The X Factor Idealizer

Pedro Superti is currently the most requested Differentiation Marketing authority in the country. Specialist in helping organizations become celebrities and industry leaders by using differentiation, branding and positioning techniques.

He studied business administration at LDS Business College (USA) and in nearly 20 years in the market has helped more than 500 brands and 10,000 students to dominate their markets using differentiation. Specialist in Consumer Marketing (Japan) and Digital Strategies (USA). It learned from world market legends such as Seth Godin, Robert G. Allen and Rich Schefren.

It has already served companies such as Wizard Idiomas, Senac, Universal, Resolve Group, Trifl, among others, generating more than R $ 600 million in increased direct sales.

PEDRO in the media:

6 reasons to sign up now!


More than 4,000 guests

For three days you will have a chance to be among other great entrepreneurs, vibrating at the same frequency for success. You may have a storm of practical ideas on how to differentiate your business in the early days of 2019.


Networking and Partnerships

You will have the chance to make contacts with people from all over Brazil, from various branches, companies and areas of expertise. Have you ever wondered how many new strategic partnerships and businesses could be born at such an event?


Easy location and arrival

The event takes place at Brazil's main business center, EXPO São Paulo - SP. An easily accessible location for transportation (Uber, Taxi, Metro), with on-site food and nearby hotels. Not to mention the hotel discounts FXL 2019 participants have.


Direct contact with speakers

Attendees who buy GOLD, BLACK or RED X tickets will be able to chat and interact with the speakers and event organizers much more calmly. You are entitled to ask these people direct questions in an exclusive area with coffee and chips.


BLACK or REDX Advantages

Participants who purchase the BLACK or RED X ticket will have early access to the event, a differentiated area with coffee break released and will be entitled to attend the Black Secret Event that will take place 1 day before the X Factor 2019.


Promotional Prices

Due to the high demand, lots must end quickly, and with each lot that ends the price goes up to the last with the maximum price. So buy your ticket as soon as possible to secure your seat at the lowest possible price.



Entry to the 3 Factor X Live 2019 days
Main Plenary + Master Stage Access
Digital Welcome Pack
Experimentation Area with the brands that most understand differentiation
Top 5 Warm Up Factor X Live lectures 2018
Value ticket amount $1,997
current price
All Silver benefits plus:
Entry to the 3 Factor X Live 2019 days
Main Plenary + Master Stage Access
Digital Welcome Pack
Experimentation Area with the brands that most understand differentiation
Top 8 Warm Factor X Live 2018 lectures
Priority Plenary Entry (10 min)
Dedicated Check-In Lines
VIP Area (Lounge + Snacks + Comfort + Networking)
Value ticket amount $2,997
current price
All Silver + Gold benefits plus:
Entry to the 3 day event
Main Plenary + Master Stage Access
Digital Welcome Pack
Selection of the best lectures of Factor X Live 2018
Dedicated Check-In Lines Black
Priority Plenary Entry (10 min)
Exclusive Black / Red X VIP Area: Lounge + Snacks + Comfort + Networking
Exclusive branding experience in the lounge
Contact with entrepreneurs with more mature businesses
Unique Gifts and Gifts during the Event
Exclusive Black Session in the Audience
VIP lunch during the 3 days of event
Secret Event: Black Members have access to the Black Secret Event, one day before the x Live 2019 factor
Priority to Ask Speakers Questions [Exclusive]
Differentiated rate with Pullman Vila Olímpia partner hotel [Exclusive]
Black Experience Lounge: Happy Hour Event after Saturday Event Reserved at the Hotel for Networking [Exclusive]
Value ticket amount $5,997
current price
All Silver + Gold + Black benefits plus:
Entry to the 3 day event
Main Plenary + Master Stage Access
Digital Welcome Pack
Access to recordings of all Factor X Live 2018 lectures
Exclusive exclusive video content for Red X members
Dedicated Red X Check-In Lines
Exclusive VIP Area (Lounge + Snacks + Comfort + Networking)
Unique Gifts and Gifts during the Event
VIP lunch during the 3 days of event
Black Secret Event: Red X Members have access to the Black Event, one day before the X Factor Live 2019
Priority to interact with speakers during event
4 nights accommodation at Tangará Palace [Exclusive]
Premium transfer with breakfast to SP Expo during the 3 days of event [Exclusive]
Dedicated Red X Concierge [Exclusive}
Red X Audience Session [Exclusive]
Meet and Greet Session with Pedro Superti [Exclusive]
Dedicated Photographer Red X [Exclusive}
Backstage Tour and Event Dressing Room [Exclusive]
Dedicated Red Carpet VIP Entry [Exclusive]
Value ticket amount $19,997
current price


What can I expect from the Factor X Live 2019?
The X Factor Live is much more than a big event. It is a celebration of who is a leader, thinks big and wants to make a difference. Three days with lectures, activities and techniques to help you learn the latest in positioning, differentiation and enchantment of customers. The theme of this issue is "How to Lead a Movement."This is not a motivational event where you clap your hands and yell at the side buddy who is going to be a champion. It is a technical (but fun) event where you will learn techniques and hear experiences on how to become a brand that is an object of desire in your market. It's your chance to have that insight that has the power to revolutionize your business, surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are in the same situation as you and vibrating at the same frequency for success.
What exactly will I learn at the event?
It will be 3 days full of content, lectures and techniques on the most important topics you need as an entrepreneur: marketing, differentiation, enchantment, leadership and vision. It's a rare opportunity to see Pedro Superti on stage unraveling which techniques the world's top brands use to be leaders and how you can apply the same step by step to your business. We will have handpicked guests who live by applying (not teaching) what we believe. You'll be inspired and empowered (with techniques in hand) to go home and make a difference.
What are the dates of the event?
The event will take place on January 18, 19 and 20, 2019, respectively Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every day from 9am to 8pm at Expo São Paulo - Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1500 - Água Funda - São Paulo / SP. Participants with BLACK and RED X tickets will still attend a special event on January 17, 2019, but the venue is still secret, being revealed near the event.
Where will the event be held?
The event will take place at the spacious São Paulo Expo, which was handpicked to provide you with a mix of ability to serve the more than 4,000 entrepreneurs we will receive and justify all the investment we will make onsite to create maximum comfort. , safety and mobility for such a large group of participants. Address: Imigrantes Highway No. 1500, Água Funda - São Paulo / SP. ZIP Code: 04329-900
On site has food court?
On site, we will have several options for food. But not what you are used to seeing at events and shows. None of it. It's all going to be standard X Factor. Everything so you don't have to move from session to session, everything is there inside the same complex. Black and Red X tickets include lunch at the 3-day event in a reserved area on site. Other admission arrangements give you access to the dining experience square where you can buy numerous eating options, including fit, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. No matter what your need, we will have options to take good care of you.
Will there be on-site parking?
Yes. SP Expo has one of the largest covered parking lots in Brazil and has direct access to the pavilion through an integrated walkway. Operated by INDIGO, a global company with experience in parking solutions, the site also has automated payment, as well as a non-stop and connect car system. Cost: R $ 45 (12h).
What is the date of the Secret Event for Black and Red X?
Black and Red X tickets are entitled to attend the Black Secret Event and will last for 6 hours and will take place on January 17, 2019. The time and place will be sent to your mobile phone the day before. More information in your Black or Red X welcome guide.
Which hotels do you recommend?
Your stay is an integral part of your experience. And we take it very seriously. That's why we partnered with MCI Housing, one of the world's largest event hosting companies. They will be responsible for making the necessary intermediary between participants and the 8 accredited hotels as Factor X LIVE partners.

Using one of the accredited hotels is optional, but recommended. They have the quality and level of X Factor experience you deserve. For more details about hosting, you can contact the MCI team directly at: customerservice@mcihousing.com or view the hosting details contained in the welcome guide you receive by email when making your purchase. of your ticket.
How will the hotel move to the event?
To get you to the venue with maximum energy, we think a lot about how to help you. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that all participants staying at accredited hotels will have a round trip at no charge. This will be done twice a day (from the hotel to the event and then from the event to the hotel), at a time to be informed. Other trips, outside the scheduled time and to different destinations, are the responsibility of each participant. As well as travel to uncredited hotels.
Can I take an escort with me? How it works?
Yes! In fact, in this issue we recommend that you bring in as many people as are important to you: your spouse, partner, manager or team. To purchase more than one ticket, simply click one of the ticket purchase buttons on this page. You will be directed to the platform that handles ticket sales, where you will find the option to add more tickets to your purchase. If you want to buy tickets for larger groups, please contact our customer service at the email atendimento@paraoaltoeavante.com.br or chat at the bottom of the event page.
I want to take my team to the event. How it works?
We have the option of group lots, especially designed for you who want to share this experience with your team. Group tickets are available for groups larger than 5 people. To guarantee this opportunity, please contact our team by e-mail atendimento@paraoaltoeavante.com.br.
How does the refund policy work?
Our goal is to create such an amazing event that even your third generation (grandchildren) won't even think about asking for a refund. Because this is so rare, we talked to our team of lawyers who love to research legal books, and they told us that the Consumer Protection Code under Art 49 of Law 8.078 / 90 guarantees a legal deadline of 7 days after purchase to request a chargeback. But don't worry, we will deliver the most so everyone is happy and doesn't have to request a refund.